Strategic and Operational Marketing: Definition, Differences and Advantages

Marketing is a very broad process that involves a whole set of concepts in its terminology that is of vital importance to know and today we will talk about the strategic and operational part of it. Let’s see its definition, its differences, and advantages for companies!

They are two marketing stages that complement each other perfectly, one is in charge of setting goals and objectives and creating strategies to achieve them and the other is the practical part already in the field, turning theory into reality.

What is the Operational and Strategic Marketing?

In my opinion, marketing can be defined as the process of planning and executing everything that is the concept, also the price, everything related to the distribution and effective communication of ideas, any product or service, creating commercial exchanges that meet the profit objectives of a particular person, group of people or a particular company.

That is to say that marketing has the function of doing everything necessary so that a product, idea or service can reach its buyer or end user, in all this marketing process, different forms of information gathering are used, called market studies that are usually according to the company, product or service and the market niche, its target market.

The concept of marketing has always been and is identified with advertising, which is promotion and pressure sales. It has also been identified with a set of analysis tools, forecasting methods and market studies used to develop an approach to project demand needs.

Marketing as a system of thought

Marketing is a system of thought that should be very present in all the activities of the company and regardless of the sector, or the size or type of activity that it performs, even people usually do personal marketing and that is a very good way to achieve certain objectives, for example a politician, needs to do personal marketing.

Strategic and Operational Marketing: Scope, Differences, and Advantages

Already on the subject, according to its approach it has been determined as operational marketing and strategic marketing, neither is successful without the other, what is planned needs to be executed and the execution is the fruit of planning or is a failure.

Each concept is very easy to understand, each one is very different from the other, but they complement each other perfectly, while one sets the objective and goals for which they develop their strategies, the other is in charge of implementing everything planned, one marketing professional can be in charge of directing the strategic part and the other the operational part, as long as they have the same vision.

When we talk about it being operational, it means that it is a voluntarist management to conquer the existing markets, whose action horizon is in the short and medium term. The action of the operational marketing is specified with the follow-up of a policy of elaboration of the product, its correct distribution, fixing the price and carrying out the communication.

Operational marketing has its advantages when the company is already competing in a given market, products no matter how high quality they are must be known by potential customers, be properly distributed and have a price that consumers find fair or are simply willing to pay.

Strategic marketing has the function of orienting the company towards economic opportunities that are attractive to it, that is to say, that is adapted to its resources and know-how and that offer an attractive potential for growth and profitability. Management is in the medium and long-term to achieve its objectives.

Any marketing plan, once thought out, needs to be put into practice and for this purpose, it is necessary to resort to operational marketing tools: communication, distribution, product, and price, complementing these two concepts and guaranteeing the profitability of the company.

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